"Relevant readings began as a vision for giving back to the world in a positive way when I was at a time in my life when I didn't have much to left give. A long term illness had taken much of my body and mind, and I wasn't sure what the rest of my life would hold, or how long I had to plan for.  In an act of rebellion, I began using my gifts to add a little bit of joy and healing back into others' lives. This is how Relevant Readings was born, and over the next two years I continued the process of developing an idea into a calling, and my calling into a business of healing.

Much of what you see here began in my heart, and in my bed, where I once felt bound by health and circumstance. As I have continued on a path dedicated to bringing healing to others, I continue to find healing to be a force that is abundant in my life. I have since lived by the old adage that the best way to obtain anything worthwhile is to work hard in selflessly delivering it to the world.

My goal and mission is you; your joy, your desires, your passion for life, and with my gifts I will do anything and everything to connect you with the inner well of prosperity and wisdom that we all carry in our hearts.       "

     Services offered include:

Palmistry and hand analysis,  tarot card readings, psychic-mediumship readings, I-Ching, and channeled guidance;

Energetic and Shamanic healing, personal coaching, and effective spiritual counseling for people of all belief systems and backgrounds.

   Through 10 years of experience in working with people, Yale has built an honest reputation and secured 5-star ratings across multiple online platforms, including his own.  With over 3000 readings and healing sessions to date, Relevant Readings has been recognized in the years of 2015-2019 for providing consistent, 5-star rated services to local, US, and internationally based clients.

     “My goal, no matter what service I am providing, is to get right to the healing. I help my clients focus their awareness, their intentions, and their energy into the right places to transmute things like confusion, anxiety, pain, and loss into inspiration, direction, clarity, and growth of the body, mind, and soul."


    " I do this by answering questions, giving timelines, bringing a fresh and multifaceted perspective, and by relaying important messages from the universe, from spiritual and angelic realms, and most importantly from the higher-self.”

  As a natural shaman, Yale walks with one foot in each world, and this allows him to see, hear, feel, and “know” where healing must take place. His ability to channel and direct healing energy allows him to clear blockages and balance the energy centers of the body, and connect to the other-side. 

     He is able to assess imbalances on the physical, emotional, and energetic level to provide both real-world guidance, and energetic healing through the hands. 

You can find contact information for scheduling in-person and distance sessions here.  In addition to individual and couples sessions, Relevant Readings also offers in-homes sessions, group readings, private parties, and events.

"I  very much look forward to meeting and working with you,"

- Yale 

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