Message, Email, And Video Response Readings

- Readings can be provided by text message or email.

- The cost for a message reading is $10 per question (an average of 5-10 min per question).  You can also purchase a timed reading at a discount with unlimited questions (during the allotted time).  

- The cost for a video response reading is $18 per question.  Video responses are 3-5 minutes in length, and give direct, clear answers.



- 1. First, send payment for your reading via PAYPAL, by clicking below. 


Select the amount which corresponds to the number of questions/type of reading you require:

[ 1 question​ - $10 ]

[ 2 question(s)  or  1 Video Response - $18 ]

[ 3 question(s) - $25 ]

[ Extended Message Reading I  (20min) - $30 ]

[ Extended Message Reading II  (30min) - $45 ]

[ Extended Message Reading III  (45min) - $58 ]

- 2. After your payment has been sent, send your question(s), to or to (317)-753-7898.

- 3. Most answers are sent within 3-6 hours, but can take anywhere from 12-24 hours depending on the day's booking schedule.  

Venmo payments can be sent to: @relevantreadings

If you prefer to pay for your message or video response reading with a credit or debit card, you can text or email me using the phone number and email address provided above, and request this payment method.

Intuitive and shaman, Yale Bowman, offers unique guidance that transcends the world of traditional psychic-mediumship readings.  
Utilizing a detailed knowledge of tarot and divination, combined with naturally-born intuitive gifts, Relevant Readings offers an opportunity to connect, heal, release, rediscover, demystify, and overcome. 

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