• Yale Bowman

"I Am..."

Beyond our perspective is a cosmic, pure consciousness perspective. This is a pure state of awareness. It has no intention of taking you from this world, changing this world, or helping you to understand this world. Still, resting within the same sort of paradox in which life and consciousness exists, if you discover this perspective you may very well leave this world, change this world, and better understand this world, your life as well. Not because you intended to, no, but because you couldn't help being what you already are. In this way we can see through the eyes of the universe, the eye of infinity, catch a glimpse through god's eyes. This nondiscerning eye has eons to arrange order and harmony, resolution and chaos. What we experience momentarily this day, in our lifetimes, through the entire history of humanity does not even account for the duration of one blink of the cosmic eye. In yet another, perplexing and inspiring paradox, the ever-fleeting and significant moment is all there is, was, and all there ever will ever be. Every day we travel between this state of personal human perspective, cosmic consciousness perspective, and that state of birthless birth and deathless death that precedes all existence (do you even sleep, bro?), but we do not realize this as we forget to observe ourselves and our awareness that extends beyond the body, we mistakenly and subliminally chant "I am only what occurs to this body, only the person I have known myself to be, I am only strong in comfort. I am just my problems, I am just my discomfort and disharmony, I am just this struggling world with little hope to shine through." All the while we are forgetting the power of our perspective, our connectedness to all things, and we forget to travel home here to rest in our childhood bed, in the nature of raw awareness and existence. Your rebirth is waiting every moment you grasp this awareness. This world will fall away and fall into line despite the nature of your current struggle, and when it returns to harmony you can truly appreciate that sense of bliss. I employ the personal practice of remembrance whenever possible: "Who am I today, who am I this minute?" My answer is always "nothing". Nothing is my blank slate, in nothing I am full, I am anything. In this emptiness I am cancelled, cleared, renewed, amd refilled with my awareness of this moment, this day. The dream is reborn in context, my splyglass becomes clearer, and in dissolving everything I become everything and anything.


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