• Yale Bowman

Abundance and Receptivity

🌾Abundance🌾 Did you know...the 10 numbered cards in the suit of Swords correspond with the Ten Commandments?  The Tenth Commandment is "Though Shalt Not Covet".  Instead of looking at this as an indicator of right or wrong behavior, lets look more at the energetic vibration of "coveting" as an act.  To covet, energetically, places one in a vacuum, and furthermore a deficit. To covet is to energetically say, "I want this but do not have it, also I may never have it or I would not covet it".  Absense may make the heart grow fonder, but too much desire, too much fondness tends to build absense by building a wall. We have all at some point loved too hard, or wanted something too much, and lost it in the process. Healthy desire can be reffered to as "Receptivity". Recpetivity is trusting the universe to provide, and knowing that all that is truly needed will come in the right time. It is also about removing BLOCKS to recieving, in the form of undeserving thoughts, fearful thinking, worry about not receiving, and comparative thinking (aka a more subliminal form of "coveting"). Everything is where it should be, that is the true mentality. Now start with what you have, and work up. You may desire, or feel the true need for more money, love, success, status...but to build a tower we must start with the foundation. What can you be grateful for today? Praise the universe for it, bless this day for it, find and center in on your deepest gratitude. When we work with what we HAVE, as opposed to what we DO NOT have, we can truly build. We cannot build abundance with invisible bricks. It takes connectedness, mindfulness, trust, and a bit of bravery. The more we actively (but not desperately) persue things and treat them likes wishes that have already been granted, we step off the treadmill and bask in in the glory of our soul's garden. Maybe our garden is lacking for now, but no beautiful garden grows through urgency, complacency, disenchantment, or focus on what is lacking. Awareness of the necessary is....necessary, but a beautiful garden only exists when a gardener looks beyond the immediate state of things, beyond desire, and into potential. They see deep potential, they nourish it, they embrace it knowing, "One day, this too will bloom". Nothing rushes in nature, nothing compares itself, nothing questions itself. Abundance is natural, and it is natural to you. Step off of the treadmill and into the flow! #abundance #flow #fall #harvest #abundant #success #money #love #health #wealth #receptive #lawofattraction #tencommandments #tarot #shaman #psychic #medium #soul #garden #soulgarden #gardening 


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