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🌈 *Angel Guidance for July* 🌈

🌈 *Angel Guidance for July* 🌈 These are cards I don't work with often in posts, but I love to do readings with them. The Archangel cards are great for everything from deep healing to casual questions, even mediumship. I asked these cards for additional July guidance because I am very excited about my next weeks article, in which I discuss July energy and how it relates to one of my favorite Egyptian myths about Khonsu. What do these cards have to add? A message which is related, but significant in its own way. They affirm that July is a month of examination, introspect, and earned prosperity. They also confirm that the prosperity in July is not the end goal, only a major building block, an important piece of our personal puzzle. Raziel insists that each event, even those seemingly unrelated, are intertwined. Every domino which falls, every event which takes place, leads to another. Your life is a crystal grid taking shape and form, consider your motives and actions on a deeper level to bring forth the best and truest outcomes. Focus should be on structure and foundation. Azrael and Ariel are paired, but with an angel of death like Azrael there will likely be clearing of old wounds, healing, and even reconciliation. But we are looking for real completion this July, not just satiating the needs of the moment, so the fire of Ariel plays a key role as it is transmutational and energizing, it breeds sustainability. Keep in mind that even transmutational fires may lightly scorch us in the process, but skin will heal. Azrael and Ariel state that true prosperity is contagious, and it is a continuance, not a means to an end. We are not looking for an end goal this July. Zadkiel and his card of Clairaudience are reversed, this is both a warning and a prediction. Zadkiel warns of misunderstanding, but this can be avoided by opening both the ears and the mind. We must be receptive to things we do not wish to hear, and fully aware of our own reality, also how we choose to create and propel our version of reality. We must open our eyes and ears, not just to realizations about others, but also to the hard revelations we must make involving ourselves as we dissolve debilitating ego aspects and preconceived notions. Be aware of idealism and unrealistic expectations. July is heavy at first glance, but only in the sense that we are moving weight. We continue to find a new balance, update our approaches, and reap the rewards. What you put in you will get back out, likely tenfold. The costs of this success are not high, but they are necessary costs, and ones we should be willing to pay. If not, these debts will roll over again, and again. Want your own angel card reading? Head over to www.relevantreadings.com for more info!

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