• Yale Bowman

"Are You Being Served?"

This week I am reminded of a conversation during a session from last month, because often we don't get what we are looking for in life, especially in love. I want to share my personal realizations on life and love, as I relayed them in this particular session. Life is simple but very complex. Bear with me, but in many ways it is the restaurant of choice, and we have at some point been granted exclusive access to this eatery through a living consciousness. In life's eatery of experiences, the universe (or god if you prefer) is a fantastic server, and it will continually serve what we choose to consume.  The problem begins when we choose to continue consuming what doesn't suit us or appeal to us, without raising questions or asking for improvements.   If we choose to tolerate and consume the same underwhelming or misaligned experiences,  we will continue to be served these "dishes" or experiences time and time again. In life, and in love especially, we seem to stumble through the same flavor of mishaps in the form of situations that don't "serve" our best interests and meet our true needs.  So, what do we do?  Here is the secret when dining in the universe's eatery of experiences:  The universe is a *fantastic and wonderful* server, and it will consistently deliver the same experiences, time and time again, in a timely manner if we choose to consume them without questioning. Because it is a fantastic server, however, it will also correct and improve upon what is being served. Keeping this in mind, like any time you are being served a dish, it is on the CONSUMER to ask for a change, to speak up, to take action in having their needs met. Anyone who has eaten out has experienced the distaste of saying nothing and stomaching an improperly prepared dish.  This is, essentially, the pattern of the negative experience in life and love. We must ask for changes, we must refuse to settle; we must be realistic, but also advocate and fight for our needs. Because the universe is so wonderfully obliging, it will correct or improve your order at any time, but you cannot eat an inferior dish, digest a lesser experience first, and expect to be gratified. We must take action, and utilize our voice! In the eatery of life, where all experiences are consumed.... if you don't like what is being served my beautiful friends, please stop eating it.  It's okay to ask for better in life, and in love.  While it is good for a while to be full and fed, to have something over nothing, it is far better to be nourished. We must not let the fear of change, of changing our order and causing a bit of chaos, prevent us from fulfillment. If we don't use this chaos to transform and create something new, we will stuff it down, consume it ourselves, where it will live in our hearts and minds through experiences that continually deny our true needs being met. The customer best knows their own needs. That's all.

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- Yale -


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