• Yale Bowman

As you heal.... A Guide for Body, Mind, Soul Healing

We are all healing from something; yet our wounds, our conditioning, our life stories are not plainly visible. As we experience deeper healing in our hearts, minds, and lives it can be difficult to understand where we are at times. A physical wound is so visible, tangible, inarguable; while the wounds we wrap in deeper healing are personal, hidden, often unseeable. With a physical wound there is no question to its validity; its limitations are well-respected. We push to maintain improving while respecting these necessary limitations. Too much, too soon, and we may be injured again, or worse. Our invisible wounds don't carry an innate sense of validity. Still, we must respect them, and their needs. They often carry a sense of shame, subjectivity, and questioning that a broken bone or torn ligament will not. Still, as we heal them, we must respect and honor the nature, the process of their healing. Few wounds; whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, will be healed instantly. True healing is not forced, as it arises naturally, intuitively through a deep connection with the body and spirit. We must respect our processes as we heal. We don't limit our range of movement or favor our broken limbs when it is not necessary, but there are also times when we must not walk on a broken leg, where even for a short while we may need to recooperate and regenerate. We are gentle but firm in our healing, loving to ourselves yet accountable; it is not easy when we choose to push our strained muscles, or reintegrate the use of a broken bone, but too much too soon and our healing is not complete. Self care is intuitive. Body Mind Soul healing is intuitive. We must not hush the quiet voice of intuition which guides us, but we also must not invent excuses to attribute to it. We have all experienced it in some form; the need to recooperate a physical injury. We rest it, we adjust our life with grace to honor its needs for rest. We long to use it, but we see it and feel it so visibly that we know the time is not yet right. We may think that we are ready, but we wait for the reassurance of expert advice. Then, we slowly invite our injured part to rejoin us. We integrate it with the same grace and patience with which we allowed it to heal. Then, when we walk and run again, or otherwise regain our bodily potential, life is so much sweeter. We are glad we have taken the time to restore; we are glad we have restructured our lives, no matter how difficult. We feel blessed for the connection to the expert advice of our intuition as we heal, and we are grateful we have allowed such patience as we reintegrated our broken pieces. Now, life is so much sweeter. But we didn't rush our healing, quite the opposite; we honored where we were in each moment as we healed. Because of this, we did not force or fool ourselves; we healed through gentle accountability, through the guidance of our soul. There is no standard to follow as we heal, and we can only listen. But through listening, we find the voice of the Universe; she is time-honored, such a fine physician. #healing #mind #body #soul #emotionalhealing #intuition #nature #nurture #selfcare #selfhealing #meditation #mindfulness #shamanichealing #energetichealing #injury #wound #newearth #earthmagic #healing #healer #shamanism #urbanshaman #holistic #health #organicsoul #earth #mother #goddess #spirituality #universe #cosmos 

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