• Yale Bowman

Awareness, and Embracing What Is

Sometimes, as we are building and practicing awareness, like a seamstress our thread will fall from its needle. Awareness of what is, is the reinvestment of our conscious energy into an ever-deepening state of awareness, a constant commitment to the re-threading of this needle. We know it will one day fall again, even after years of practice. The flow of the moment may deeply challenge our sewing of awareness, and it may at other times support it fully. No matter the nature of the task at hand we can be aware, from where we are looking? Has our thread fallen out? It's okay if we find we have climbed down (or fallen) from our center-watchtower of awareness, as the act of noticing this descent is a mindful exercise in itself. We can always begin again when this happens by taking notice of all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations in our awareness; all occurances and experiencing taking place (internally and externally) through a sense of mindfulness. We are not changing anything, we are noticing. We are noticing ourselves noticing, as pure awareness. Slowly, we will find ourselves rebuilding this awareness of the river of reality, consisting of all inner and outer occurances. Then, again, we may step outside of this river to become observer and admirer. As river-watching nature-lover, we are not so confined to the role of swimmer (or the drowning individual) who is either on or off of their raft. Even if, as curious nature-lover, we fall in. By being aware of the mind, aware of the body, aware of the world, we can let them be. As we sit with them, disinterested for a moment in changing them, we have a chance to connect deeply with What Is. "Allow, Allow, Allow", is my Mantra. · Now, through deep connection with What Is, what are you called to do, how are you called to act, what new perspectives have illuminated your vision? If you drop your attempt to change What Is, do you yourself remain unchanged through these moments of clarity? Honor how deeply your roots of understanding have grown in these few moments, and return to holding within you this gift of awareness; return to What Is. #nature #river #meditation #awareness #excercise #yoga 

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