• Yale Bowman

Breath and Healthy Intake

I tell many people this when working with them, but most importnantly I tell myself EVERY day: "Watch your intake. Start at the most basic level of intake and work up." Breath is our most basic and complex, But most necessary form of intake. If you can change and control how you breathe, you can change and control anything. How do you breathe? Shallow and from the ribs, or deeply, engaging the abdomen? Changing how we breathe can be much more difficult than changing our diet, because it requires a continuously conscious effort, but the results are dramatic and allow us to break the barriers within and around us. All healthier intake creates healthier and more positive output. After the intake and output of the breathe is better developed, we can move up the ladder; stepping up our awareness to our quality of thoughts and self talk (especially along with the breathe), healthy sleep, posture, diet, healthier relationships and environments, mental intake of materials and conversation, etc. Give your body what it needs and asks for, make time for this. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you need rest, aim for quality, make nourishment and self love a priority. As you balance your intake, watch the product your output and how it changes; watch your energy levels improve, your self control and awareness improve, your intuition increasing, your consciousness expanding, your life transforming. #breathe #prana #tantra #tantric #yoga #intake #output #consciousness #lifestyle #holistic #meditation #mindfulness #mindful #breathework #kundalini #nourish #spirituality #healing #organic #organicliving 


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