• Yale Bowman

Card of the Day - Friday the 15th

☁The Page of Air Speaks: "Here at last Sitting in my chrome-cast birdbath Catching sun rays in my tide pool Glorious fool And as a gust of wind blows It caught me by the nose And I drift away through space and time again. Limited, limit-less, limits rest under duress in times of deep stress Of my own creation As time pools like the tides I float by Fleshed in, but still intermediate A fully centralized phenomenon At times... But when I am, I am, and when I'm not, I'm not Are you me, am I you...are we? There's a place at the end of a rainbow Where all walls collapse I will meet you there It's beautiful, clear And we can rest in the earths hands." The Page of Swords represents air, the mind, paranoia, judgements; some well-founded and some unfounded. Regardless of the relevance, paranoia serves no purpose like that of preparedness, awareness, and responsiveness over unconscious reaction. This Page of Air also warns of empty mind chatter, anxieties, judgment, and criticism. The solution? Awareness of the mind through a grounded body, and open heart. We can immerse ourselves in our earthly bodies with mindful practices and objective awareness. The mind is not the ruler when the heart remains unobstructed and true, today we don't have to allow it to carry us away. Be careful with your thoughts today. Do not allow them to create imbalance. After all, these thoughts create your reality and will greatly effect the shape which your day will take. Let that shape be beautiful, let the form it takes be a conscious one. For more visit: www.relevantreadings.com #page #pageofswords #swords #air #earth #balance #mind #body #mindful #mindfulness #rooted #grounded #grounding #meditation #nomind #thoughts #criticism #judgement #paranoia #psychic #medium #shaman 

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