• Yale Bowman

Card of the Day: High Priest

In this world the heart is our compass. It is so easy to look with our eyes, decide with our mind, but we all want something real. We all want something intangible but still so TANGIBLY real, because when we experience it, it takes us beyond what we thought was possible in terms of Happy, Healthy, and Healed. Realness doesn't exist on the surface; The feeling needs to be there. The energy needs to be natural. Realness can't be forced, because it is a force we gravitate towards, not one we can produce or rationalize. We cant convince ourselves what is real, we cant talk ourselves into it. We can, however, talk ourselves out of it and we often do. We can't force ourselves into nourishing and fulfilling realness, but we can commit to it through our communication, choices, environments. Are we forcing or are we flowing? Fear makes us force things into a "may be, could be, or should be", but Realness allows us to trust the flow, even if it means addressing the fear of drowing in the waters of this realness, or the fears of being carried down the river from a place of inauthenticity to a place of Truth. The rivers of the Universe won't drown us, but the rivers of fear will. The Hierophant speaks, "A wise heart never shys away; it can carry out necessity with grace, without confusing dogma and doctrine for necessity." The intuitive heart of the High Priestess flourishes in feminine otherworldliness, interconnection, compassion, and knowingness; while the intuitive heart of the High Priest (Hierophant) shines light on sustainability, groundedness, preservation, and discernment. These are not two opposing or separate forces, they are the higher self working simutaniously, in harmony, as yin and yang, formlessness and form. For local and distance readings and healing sessions, send me a DM or follow the link in my bio to www.relevantreadings.com #highpriest #hierophant #herbaltarot #herbalism #sage #tarot #thursday #life #lamplight #lamp #dogma #conditioning #love #heart #compass #universe #truth #river #flow #follow #spirituality #compassion #yinyang #yin #yang #fire #water #earth #air #spirit #higherself #soul #heartcompass #kan #li #alchemy

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