• Yale Bowman

Card of the Day: Manifestation, Invocation, Recieving

I like this Ace of Wands from Etteilla; It says if you want to manifest, obtain, create, and succeed that there are two sides to the coin. 

[-💥-]First, we have to ask for said thing, and be open and willing to receiving it. I tell people: "Treat this like a wish that's already been granted." Check. ✔ [-⚡-]Next, when said thing, opportunity, etc appears we must recognize it as our manifestation and grab it. Set the intention, apply energy through action, and remove all mental blocks to receiving. Check ✔ Check ✔ Check ✔

We choose the vibration of what we recieve, but the exact form we receive it in can be subjective or varied. We know what we need, and the higher self/the universe knows how we need it, what form will be most beneficial to our energetic space, and in what form its most useable for growth. 

[-☁- ]Be open and aware as you manifest, the sky is the limit.

[- 🌐-]This Ace of Wands resembles a magic wand; don't be afraid to own your abundance, use your personal power in creation, and trust the universe to provide. 

[-💀- ]Most people fear owning their potential, standing in their personal power. For that reason, what we want and need tends to hang slightly out of our reach until we remove these blocks to receiving abundance and embodying our power. 

[- 🔥-]Our energy is certainly our power, but abundance is an energy of its own flavor. Stand in your power, and let it flow. Stand in abundant energy and let it flow. When we are flowing, life is flowing. When we are aligned, our Universe is aligned. 

🌙 Use the Waxing Moon to set your Intentions!Think big!🌙 

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