• Yale Bowman

Cards of the Day: Get Connected!

The Queen of Pentacles, The Hierophant. It doesn't matter how you connect to the source energies, to Spirit, today is a day for personal ritual and self care. Spiritual self care is equally important, as the soul encompasses both the body and the mind. The Queen urges nurturing, compassion, and self care, while The Hierophant holds the triple cross representing a union of the Mind/Body/Soul. Also union of the lower, the mundane, and the Higher. Lace some magick and divine connection into all you do today, even the little things. When we act intentfully, even the smallest gestures are a way to connect with our divine nature. In Tibet, there is a technique where they look at everything with a spiritual overtone, to remind oneself to remain in perspective. They put on their "Buddha Goggles", and in turn they see that everything is divine, everything in its perfect place. As you cut food, your knife is severing illusion. As you open doors, you are opening the path to further enlightenment. As you light a candle or turn on a light, you light the lamp of self realization. A simple thing becomes a divine thing, and a challenge...a challenge becomes a chance for mastery. Good things become much more subjective, because all is good. All that is occuring in the moment is necessary for growth, and all we are experiencing is right. All is right in that it will provide the necessary appreciation, direction, and realization if we allow ourselves to see. Remember that in a world of spirit-matter, nothing is mundane. Not one thing is ordinary. All is extraordinary! 


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