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  • Yale Bowman

Cards of the Day: Healing through Anxiety and Uncertainty

When we are naturally sure of ourselves, that certainty must not become a blind; we are best to stay confidently open to where the heart will lead, as the mind is kept from romancing itself from knowingness, into know-it-all.

On the contrary, when we are naturally unsure of ourselves, there may be many approaches to rested mind-and-heart, but consider this one; being so unsure of ourselves, that even our unsureness struggles to find roots.

Let unsureness do what it will, but we challenge its form, no longer assuming it is true or real.

Doing this in such a way that our lack of certainty may not only apply just to awaiting the manifestation of fears, ignorance and failure; but also uncertainty about the act of being uncertain (and its subsequent results), reducing the validity of feeling invalid, and challenging those internal fallacies we are all so guilty of upholding: "I may not, I cannot, I am expected to be perfected, perfection is possible, success is not natural to me, luck is not on my side, etc.".

All, of course, invalid.

Challenging insecurities is not an endless game. In a moment, unexpected, the tides change and stars collide, showing us what we are capable of and where we are meant to be.

In my insecurity I am humble, I am powerful, I am a blank canvas; I am entirely new.