• Yale Bowman

Cards of the Day: Mercury Prepares to Go Direct

As Mercury prepares to go direct tomorrow, September 5th, we are balancing the inner and outer worlds. Ask yourself what you need within your body, and within your environment. Mercury will be joining the sun in Virgo, after spending some time in Leo, so pay attention to how the small details and small changes in your routine and communications can make a substantial impact on the development your grand vision(s) and greater goals right now. Me must try not to be critical in how we view ourselves, as we may feel inclined to scrutinize our behaviors and personal identity as a whole. Do it consciously, not critically. If you are frustrated with circumstances, now is a good time to return to the smaller details, which can have the greatest impact if communications or environmental dynamics begin to break down. We must watch coming out of this retrograde period for bad habits that may have slipped back into our patterns of action and thinking, and redirect them into our awareness. Efficiency is key with the energies at play, working not just hard, but also intelligently. It can be easy at this time to get stuck in the grind and problems of the material world, so remain objective and resist the sense of urgency, or the need for perfection. There is much that can be accomplished with a balanced mindset, but the momentum must be managed properly. Allow time for rest, down time, stillness, and a quiet mind. The busy-ness of the outer world, and a need for inner stillness and peace may conflict at times, but we are continuing to balance energies and dynamics which were released and brought to our awareness during the Eclipses and retrograde periods. This takes time, there is no quick fix, we are always works in progress. The universe has a rhythm, so we dance to it. The music can be fast and intense, but that won't matter if we take time to rest between songs and resist the urge to two-step endlesslesly through the month of September. The songs may not be to our liking at times, but that's okay... next to the DJ there is an open bar from which we can drink a deeper understanding of ourselves and our environments if we allow it. www.relevantreadings.com #Mercury #retrograde #mercuryretrograde #Virgo #Leo #sun #moon #full moon #direct #theworld #asabovesobelow #inner #outer #astrology #tarot #tarotcards #occult #Monday #cardoftheday #September #psychic #medium #shaman #mars #eclipse #structure #environment #gowithin 


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