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Common, Uncommon Spirit Animal Medicine

From today's article on our Indianapolis based FAF Collective:

"Common, Uncommon Spirit-Animal Medicine

"Each spirit animal guide carries with it a set of lessons, realizations, and energies to promote healing and personal/spiritual growth. These things they communicate to us are their medicine, which they offer freely to those who speak with and meditate upon them. Here are a few uncommonly considered, yet commonly found animal guides and their messages. You should feel free to both explore these meanings, and add personal meanings of your very own as you build a relationships with your animal guides and the natural world. CockroachResilience, Nurturing and self-care, Physical effort, Adaptability, Thriving in difficulties/as the outcast. Cockroach animal medicine aids us in finding our resourcefulness, creation of new (and healthier) routines and mindsets, and encourages us to find new ways to care for ourselves and our immediate environments. The Cockroach represents transformation and evolution, often appearing in support of those who encounter many difficulties. If this guide appears for you, it calls you to find your center and strength over circumstance. Focus should be brought to sustainability, and proactive evolution of the self and immediate environment(s), especially that of the family and the home-space. The Cockroach also brings our attention to nurturing and family life itself, as both male and female Cockroaches spend significant time and effort raising their offspring. Although resilient, Cockroaches are sensitive and receptive creatures; the refined and heightened senses of the cockroach call on us to access our own instincts of survival, adaptability, problem solving intelligence, and intuition. Often feared and reviled, our Cockroach guides ask us to tune out the opinions of the world, of others, even any destructive inner voices that work against our healing, success, and positive self-image. True power over circumstance comes from a clear mind; like our Cockroach guides we must not identify with our obstacles or any odds against our favor. Instead, we must identify with out goals. We can’t be afraid to be who we are, and get our hands dirty with physical effort. StinkbugOdor/Repelling, Fragrance/Attracting, Spiritual Wisdom, Camouflage, Protection, Spiritual Awakening, Law of Attraction, Awareness of Energy and its exchanges. Stinkbug, as a spiritual messenger, asks us to be aware of ourselves on a deeper level, how do we interact with our environments and the people around us? How aware of ourselves are we, truly? Often times we repel positive people and circumstances without meaning to, while on the other hand we may attract people and circumstances which are actually unhealthy for us. What part do we play in this dance of energy? The Stinkbug asks us to observe how we may both enable and impede ourselves. When a Stinkbug guide appears, it means you are going deeper into your personal journey. You may begin to notice patterns that you have not recognized before, enter a deeper place of personal healing and empowerment, and strengthen your senses for the energies around yourself and others. Begin to notice the more integral role you play, and the power you have in attracting the outcomes and things in life that you desire. Protection and camouflage are good, and necessary strengths, but the Stinkbug calls on us to use our discernment; it teaches us to know when to blend in or protect, and when to stand out. It also calls on us to be aware of the energetic “scent” we give off with our mood, words, thoughts, and subtle communications; are we repelling with our odorous behavior, or attracting with our fragrance? What we welcome creates our environments and circumstances, so we must be sure that we are using our protection to shield where appropriate, but not to guard our hearts, egos, or insecurities. Stinkbug guides teach us that we must be open to that which will nourish and improve us, while not attracting comfortable dysfunctions, unhealthy people and situations, and/or negative karmic patterns. Stinkbug medicine teaches us to watch what we put out to the universe, as it sets the tone for what we will receive. AntTeamwork, Patience, Personal Strength, True Will, Caretaking/Self-Care, Asking for help, Subconscious, Balance, Strength of Spirit. Ant Medicine is a powerful reminder of our inner strength and willpower, but also of our need for balance in our lives, and within ourselves. It teaches us about “true will”, which exists when our will is aligned with the will and possibilities of the universe, not against. Ant people will have strength of will, determination, and high reserves of energy. Because of this, it is important when our Ant guides appear that we stop, listen to our bodies and the intuition of our spirit, then evaluate. If we are proceeding well in our goals, our ant guides will bring confirmation that we must stay patient, continue our effort, and keep our vision for success intact. If, however, we are tired, overworked, spread too thinly, and emotionally drained, Ant Medicine calls us to step back, analyze, change our plans, and care for ourselves. We may be working too hard toward goals or outcomes that are unachievable, or at the very least we may be going about things in such a way that is unsustainable. Sometimes in the pursuit of long-term goals we are not supportive of our truest needs in the moment, on the day to day level. This is especially true when our goals themselves need re-evaluation due to a surplus of unhealthy idealism. If our goal is still reasonable, it may be time to rest, refresh ourselves and our mind, take a new approach, seek advice, ask for help, and then return to action. If not, we must commune with our heart and spirit, our support systems, and our inner compass to create new goals, and plan a new direction. No great feat is accomplished entirely alone, and from time to time we must all seek support or inspiration, and evaluate our sustainability. Ant Medicine teaches that all happens through dedication and great effort, but that our goals must be aligned with our true will. We must plumb the depths of our subconscious and find our true needs, and motives. Fresh eyes and an integrated mind give us strength beyond our means, especially when combined with sustainable efforts, adequate structure, and genuine support in our lives. SpiderOvercoming fear and insecurity, Safety, Faith in the Universe, Manifestation, Intuition, Receptivity, Femininity, Power over Fate and Karma, Creative Thinking, Balancing light and dark (transcending duality). Spider Medicine is complex and powerful. The Spider herself is powerful, yet receptive; she is the divine feminine embodied. She is a willful and skillful creator of sacred geometry and divine balance. Often she is mistaken as fearful, but her true nature as master of reality and illusion only stirs up the fears we already posses. She does this so that we may face and dissolve them, and live our lives more peacefully and abundantly. She is a mirror into our own soul, asking us to release what inhibits us. Once as the Spider spoke to me; she said, “My web is a funnel, and I attain my outcomes through an indirect means. I create them as I weave, and each knot I make secures the fly into my net. I worry very little about the fly, as I am so present in my weaving. While I may hunt in reverse, I never go hungry.” We too, like our Spider guides, can trust in our Universe. We are also the weavers of fate, of our realities. We can choose a goal of our own, and with our faith and receptivity as the governing force, use many small yet calculated steps can bring the goal to us. We combine action and inaction to create harmony, and reduce our wasted efforts in thought, emotion, and action. Manifestation is not just an act of waiting, it is an act of weaving; weaving outcomes through the actions and choices we choose to make, through the mindsets we foster, through the level of faith in our outcomes which we choose to carry. The deeper we carry this sense of reassurance and faith through receptivity, the more powerful our web, and the more protection we instill upon ourselves; the more we are able to uproot our anxieties, failures, and misfortunes to replace them with peace, abundance, and success. When the mind is present and at peace, our natural and intuitive intelligence can arise. Then, not only will we work toward our goals and true desires, but our goals (like the fly) will work toward us. Spider Medicine teaches us that we should begin to develop a new relationship with the universe; we should trust it to meet our needs, and through this trust we may relax into a new way of thinking and doing that is ultimately more nurturing effective." If you want more info about personal readings and healing sessions, want to view my weekly walk-in and booking schedules, or wish to connect with me for personal guidance on your own life or spiritual path, reach out through the contact oage of this site! 

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