• Yale Bowman


What is convenience? Nothing is convenient, perception is convenient. You don't want to do the dishes, so you buy a dishwasher. Not long ago, the dishwasher entered the consumer space.  With this device, you don't have to "do" the dishes.  Before long you are upset you have to empty the dishwasher, and your children who have never done dishes by hand resent the loading and unloading.   They have no reference for this convenience, it's still inconvenient. Your CD player only plays one disc, but one day you end up with a 6 disc changer. You're frustrated because you have to wait for the time in between; the time it takes for the CDs to process as they switch, and spit themselves out when it's time to exchange them. Convenience is perception, and perception can be convenient or inconvenient. How are you viewing what happens around you, how are you viewing life's stress and frustrations?  Are you viewing them conveniently, or inconveniently? Small shifts in perspective create big shifts in our daily realities. I don't have a dishwasher, but I do have a 6 disc CD changer in my car. My CD player frustrates me,  while hand washing dishes for 6 people tends to relax me. When I play CDs, I center in on my gratitude. When life creates hard challenges, I center in on my appreciation of the whole picture and shape the solution.  It's not a matter of convenience, it is a matter of perspective. Convenience and ingenuity cannot be outsourced, they ultimately occur internally.  Thoughts must be useful, mindsets must create convenience. It's up to us to obtain convenience with the proper tools, devices, and perspectives....but ultimately through gratitude and appreciation. The inconvenient things, the necessary things, the things and situations we would rather avoid; these are where life's transformations occur. The next time you feel stressed, upset, at an unfair advantage, or put out, you have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and grow beautifully through your choices. Interact, be conscious.  Don't react. The human in you reacts, the god source inside you listens intently and finds the tools to create beauty. If beauty cannot be created immediately in this 3D reality, it will provide the appreciation, the gratitude, the garuantee that better things will come to those who have a conscious awareness of the universe's innate beauty, those who shape this beauty like clay.  Start small, and grow with this beauty. It applies to the little frustrating things, as well as in crisis, applying depth of understanding and innovation to the more critical aspects of life. There is no true convenience, only perspective aligned with beauty.  

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