• Yale Bowman

Dove Medicine - Spirit Animal

Yesterday while showering by the open shower-window, sun shining in as I usually do, I saw a group of mourning doves dancing, eating, and playing. It struck me deeply. I found myself in a deep sense of awe which shifts your soul to immediate peace. A dove and a pigeon belong to the same family, but they encompass two very different representations in our minds. This brought me to a message, "Perception is power, and resolution inevitable. Hope is never lost, peace is never lost." Sometimes these things seem to be hidden, maybe even in plain view, waiting to be uncovered. Sometimes we set peace aside to deal with the more necessary and difficult aspects of life, and sometimes the necessities of life converge all at once. That is my personal downfall, the tendency to be overwhelmed by circumstance before rocketing toward a solution. Still, the flight-path of a rocket can be turbulent. 9 days ago I had another beautiful child, and while I don't find his birth and presence, or the responsibilites of caring for him to be overwhelming, the restructuring that occurs has been. Especially with three other children under 10 years old to care for and nurture just as equally and open-heartedly. I had never believed it possible before his arrival to open my heart space so deeply, increasing my own capacity for love in such a way, but my newborn son Yael has taught me yet again that love knows no depths, no fear, no uncertainty. But life is a balance. It is not all about the doing, it is also about the not doing, about having patience as we create gains and as we search for this true balance. Balance, in this sense, is also the ability to work toward solutions, but also to allow our solutions to emerge organically, simultaneously as we work, as if to stumble in synchronicity into the right moment for such a resolution to make its highest impact. Too much effort leaves us wasted, not enough and we are lacking. Only we know where this balance lies, only the heart and soul know. If you see a dove, or this "Dove Medicine" is timely, remind yourself that hope is never lost, peace is never lost, resolution is never unobtainable. We often set these things aside, they seem out of our reach at times, but the dove calls signaling that this is the time to pick them back up... or is it they that pick us up?  Judgement is a card of rebirth, of life reborn, of promise in its own right. The dove calls as the angel blows its horn, awakening peace and restoration, inviting resolution and continuance, mirrored both externally and within. Dove is the animal of partnership, they are a monogamous bird, and they remind us that we are never as alone as we feel. We are always in partnership with the divine, all aspects of life are divine.  

Doves are also beautiful coparents, each supporting each other, and caring for their young. My partner (and mother of my children) and I have always seen mourning doves as we walk. Yesterday's dancing doves illustrate that it is often the simple things that provide remedy to the complicated aspects of life; things like appreciation, friends, family, sunshine, fresh air, and mindfulness are time tested. They bring us back to the present moment and help us to once again achieve our balance.   

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