• Yale Bowman

Empty Life?  Never!

Can life, by nature, be empty? No! Only by comparison! Life is an energy, an experience which we choose to continuously define. Our definition shifts our personal reality. The no-thingness of life is a vessel waiting to be filled, you are the decider of its contents! You decide with what to fill it and how it will appear to you. The vase can appear chipped and cold, it can appear filled with mud, or it can be guilded with wonder and graced with beautiful fresh flowers. Perspective and clear- conscious action shape and fill the vase of life! Celebrate the emptiness, it is renewal and potential. Celebrate the blessings, they are wishes that have already been granted, waiting to be counted and appreciated, no matter how small. A roof is a blessing, clothing is a blessing, a sound mind is a blessing. Good people and true friends are blessings, a human existence is a blessing with endless potential...albeit a difficult blessing to manage at times, but it is forever maliable, this blessing of human life. A beautiful life cannot be had with eyes tuned to the visions of sadness or dismay. The beauty of today, as I have said before, cannot be seen through yesterday's eyes. Or through the eyes of last year, ten years ago, or the eyes of the wounded child. Celebrate infinity today, and infinity you will become. The ceiling is not there, it is not even made of glass, it is entirely illusionary. Create positive energy today in any way you can. If you were sad be uplifted, if you were happy be filled with true bliss. Dance, sing, rejoice, communicate freely. Express yourself and take in the beauty of your surroundings, if you don't like what you see make changes or change the way you are viewing. Check the eyes which you use to see, the perspective which you use to create! There is a downside to up, an upside to down, and a world of beautiful grey in between waiting to be shaped in the vase that is your life. Better yet, break the vase and live more freely, undefined. After this eclipse, we have been experiencing a flux of energy, unstable footing, personal and environmental adjustments. Give yourself freedom to grow, freedom to live, even freedom to make mistakes. There are no true mistakes, only life lessons to be learned. What do you have to fear? Be empty, be open, be alive! Allow you cup to fill continuously as your drink freely the nectar of life. Be daring, be bold, invest in yourself, not in your fears or outdated comforts! The energetic current is strong at this time, and it asks you to flow with it! The combination to happiness at this time lies in the right perspective, balanced with supportive, open environments that contribute to the needs of your heart and soul.  



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