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Energy of the Day - Sept 12th

- Energy of the Day - In the first column we see Death, and Justice again. This symbolizes Ma'at, balance, natural order being restored through developing change. In Egyptian culture the feather of Ma'at rests on one side of the scale of Osiris at death, the heart of the deceased on the other. This reinforces the need for "purity" in action and mindset, but I use the term purity lightly, in reference to the need for actions and thoughts that aren't emotionally based or influenced by the emotions and projections of others, or uncontrollable "environmental" factors. In the center we see the Three of Wands and Nine of Swords. These two cards in the center column refer to the road travelled thus far. We have reached a point of no return, but this is positive. It means that old ways and patterns are in the rearview, and as they say, do not look back unless you intend to travel in that direction. This builds upon the theme of Ma'at and natural balance of the highest order, upon death and justice, balancing energies. Don't allow yourself, or other outside influences, to cause a slip into these old patterns. Don't fear the return of the past and its patterns either, let the past and its ways die gracefully in honor of new life. Keep moving forward. Know that where you are headed, and where you are now is where you need to be. The Knight of Pentacles and the Nine of Pentacles are reassurance. Again, advice to keep moving forward and extinguish all self-doubt. Attainment takes time, but it is subjective as well; you will soon attain, but You have also already attained much to be grateful for. It is through a sense of gratefulness, gentle perseverance, and self confidence that the energies of today will be best utilized, so enjoy where you are on this journey. It is a beautiful journey, but even beautiful journeys have varying terrain, that is how one becomes a skilled traveller. Today is nothing you cannot handle, you are seasoned. In today's ocean, the waters are not rough. Some of the waves are large, but you are an accomplished surfer. To surf the waves today, we must have the confidence to hold our footing, use what we have learned about ourselves, and not allow our environments and surroundings to pull us from this centered space. Watch the tides! Despite your increased skill and accomplishments within the ocean of life, today you may need to take breaks on the beach between sets. That's okay, each time you return to the water to surf again you will feel restored and invigorated. Take personal time and space today to foster a sense of appreciation, wonder, and joyfulness; in the present moment, on this present day. After all, you live on the beach... You are also the ocean and all it encompasses. There is no separation. Nothing that happens within the oceans of life is unnatural or meant to be feared. A good surfer is one with the water, like a good traveller is one with the journey. #travel #seeker #journey #surf #water #waves #tides #maat #death #justice #knight #nine #three #tarot #tarot #cards #ocean #path #traveller #destination #gratitude #appreciation #attainment #steady #pace 

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