• Yale Bowman

Five of Pentacles: Just Be

We are an ocean, and we are also the tides. Today, and yesterday even, the tides are pretty rough. The waters are choppy, energies are in flux. Hard realities emerge amidst difficult realizations the last few days, goals can feel distant at best. BUT, we are not spiritually impoverished. That is not fucking possible. To paraphrase some unknown source, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. We do not lack abundance, we are abundance, because we are alive and ever-flowing. Sometimes the flow is graceful, other times it resembles a strong headwind, or a tropical storm. We may lack the obtainment of our idealistic vision, vision of who we are and where we should be, at the very least we may lack obtainment our idealistic timeframes. Where are you going? Truly? Nowhere. There is no destination, destinations are dreams. Some are realer than others, more likely to become realities, but they are all dreams for now. You are only here. You are not headed anywhere. There is no destination, no seeker, nothing to seek. The seeking is a perk, sometimes we have to live and not seek. Goals don't go anywhere, dreams don't die just because we aren't as close to them as we would like to be. Even ridiculous dreams live on, your realistic and obtainable dreams just need time to take shape and become reality. Count your current blessings, no matter how small. You get what you get in life; is it a scruffy rock or a beautiful diamond? Maybe it is green glass. The object is the same, the viewer, the perciever, is just projecting. That is today; we see what we are and we are what we see. Some days you just have to be, and let that sink in. Today is not a day to push ourselves, its a day to just be. Just be today. Let's relax, be easy on ourselves. It's very easy to be critical toward ourselves and others with the Sun in Virgo. But there is no standard to meet, we are as we are, as we are. No pressure. No shame. Just beauty as is. You are beauty, by nature, that is inarguably true. Beauty as is, true beauty, is not an effort; it is a natural state of being and it defies perfection. Perfection is boring. It is stupid and unachievable. You live an exciting life, we often forget this. Life itself is exciting, its flowing. You are exciting and flowing, like the ocean or a beautiful river, but sometimes we forget and believe we are just water. There is no "just" anything, "just" is diminutive. We are never diminutive, just through our own perspective. To have ups there must be downs, today we are between up and down, this is not down. This is solid ground, which we are comparing to the clouds. Let the energy settle and embrace the simple beauty. Breathe in the morning, exhale the afternoon, dance in the moonlight. www.relevantreadings.com

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