• Yale Bowman

Full Moon Revelations 🌙

How has the full moon treated you? 🌙Full Moon Revelations🌙 I think we mistake compassion for always being nice and pleasing. Compassion shouldn't involve continually stealing peace from oneself. I think that true compassion and satiety of others have had their borders blurred time and time again. I think we are conditioned to think that feelings are bad, when they are guidance from our body and spirit in regard to our relationships and environments. I think that the "new age movement" preaches a state of spiritual numbness that is unattainable. I think that humans are imperfect people doing their best, and that the quest for perfection (and the quest to be liked by everyone) creates mental trauma. I think that society is totally fucked, but claims, prescribes, and preaches this same unattainable perfection. I think we should love ourselves as we are. I think we should refrain from denying ourselves what makes us sustainably happy and healthy. I think that if the god(s) of creation, and the universe itself didn't want us to feel sad or angry, than we wouldn't, but without feeling there is no drive to action. I think that good experiences give us a reference for gratitude, and bad experiences show us where our growth and transformation lies, if we are willing to acknowledge it. I think the amount of effort it takes to hide our true selves and imperfections is exhausting I think that social personas are mostly built in lies and half truths. I don't think that being authentic creates chaos, I think it acknowledges the chaos we ignore. I think we should live as who we are and love without fear, and develop our own inner compass. I don't think I believe in magical and happy endings, I believe happiness is built through the actions of each moment. #fullmoon #Gemini #revelations #December #Newage #spirituality #spiritual #moon #horoscope #astrology #consciousness #human #healing #selfdevelopment #anxiety #emotion #depression #anger #sadness #real #realtalk #dream #dreams #society #compassion #life #flow #light #dark #darkness #lightworker 


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