• Yale Bowman

Harvesting Bliss/Planting Bliss

I drew this card yesterday, and I think this quote is absolute perfection. So often we weep for the harvest, and lose sight of the beautiful act of sowing seeds. The giver should be thankful, the sower should be grateful. There is a zen-filled peace which we can recapture, reminding us that everything in our universe is in perfect order. We plant to plant, we harvest to harvest, no disappointment or expectation just beautiful appreciation. The mindful harvester reaps with intelligence, knowing that all things bloom and blossom, all things bear fruit in perfect timing. Harvesting is one half of the cycle, and each cycle is so unique and meaningful, so necessary for our growth. Planting seeds in as act of beautiful creation! It is the basis of the harvest. Our modern world cares much for the harvest, and looks past the beauty of the seeds, of the fertile earth, of the dynamic nature of life, the natural world, and their cycles. Our cycles. We are nothing but natural and peaceful bliss, whole beings in reflection, yet bound in bone and skin. We are bound to experience this flesh-ness and bone-ness. But the more we reflect in wholeness, this deep understanding of the cicular nature of life, so does our world match us in our bliss. 🌾🌾🌾💚🌾 🌾🌾

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