• Yale Bowman

Holding Space: A Transformation

You may grown in your sense of wonder as you travel by boat, plane or train; but, even if you don't move a mile, you will absolutely travel mind, body, and soul. "Oh, the places you will go."


Something in the act of holding space is both stationary, yet very much in motion. There is a quiet power in being deeply invested in our own lives and the lives of others, yet (healthily) unattached, and without judgement for the phenomenon we are witnessing. We, as people, have the innate ability to be stewards of the mental, emotional, and physical space; our own space and that of others. We are not in our highest potential to thrive or support thriving in others as the renovaters, managers (or controllers), not even as advisors and healers within a space. These are second-acts, despite being natural talents to many and gifts to the world, which can only be successful productions when a foundation of balanced compassion, openness, mental flexibility, allowance, and accountability are fostered.

We benefit greatly by developing a vision for the highest potential in people and situations, without mentally categorizing it's potential appearances with the immediate pressure of "should, could, and would".

To ever become a should, could, or would, we must clear, balance, restore, and rebirth in whatever "right now" presents, no matter how ugly. Ugliness is Nature's fondest form of beauty, and it will only reemerge later if it goes unloved. I personally revere Nature for both her unconditional love, and unconditional indifference.

The act of holding space is an action based in non-action. It is the non action approach to life, change, chance, love, work, and everything in between. It is a Natural form of love, and evolution, which mirrors the forces of both Nature and Universe, of the the light-matter and consciousness which hold and create us.


Men (divine masculine) of this world, this act of holding space is a skill we must develop, yet we will need to continue perfecting it for generations. Know that it balances our nature and allows us to live our highest outcome, because we are dedicated to promoting this in others.

Women (divine feminine) of this world, we as men have left unfostered a very challenged space to you for generating nurturing and empowment, and when you appear defeated, we have made the mistake of overlooking our own doing to find ourselves defeated (and subsequently at war), without checking our foundations for subtle, antiquitous, and unconscious sabotage. We have learned broken ways from our predecessors, even the best ones, and as masculine beings we learn best when we scry with accountability, not from our rightness or successes, but from our personal and collective mistakes, and shortcomings.

With our proper energetic, physical, and emotional support (in a personal and colelctive sense) your ability to nurture, fill, and align the subtle and material planes of existence will grow exponentially. Know that your anger, at any time, is justified because it is always rooted in something deeper than our masculine perceptions will (immediately) permit us.

Especially now, this goes beyond the wounds of the genders into modern times, where we are all (in our own masculine and feminine) being called to be both nurturing-empowerers, and space-holding-providers for the highest outcomes. We are called toward balancing and alchemizing this state of temperance in the world within the crucible of our own being.

Those values and changes we wish to see in the greater community must start at the most difficult place, on a personal level, in all of us.

This is the type of work we must continually place under our own microscopes and macroscopes, a dance of shadow and light, effecting seemingly only each individual, but an ongoing revolution nonetheless in a collective world-space.

Remember that this act of holding space applies especially to when we are doing our own inner work, where we must refuse to reject any part of ourselves we become conscious of, while fully embracing the transformative style of accountability which consicousness continually attempts to bestow.

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