• Yale Bowman

Inner Hospitality and The Heart's Compass

The need to know What and Why, those are valid human needs. The need to laugh and trust divine order, those are the needs of the Spirit! When the need for knowing What and Why, when the state of not intellectually knowing becomes our enemy, we are in better service of the Spirit to embrace a state of faith, trust, and intuitive knowing. Please, then disregard all details, all tricks of the mind requesting control. Inutitive knowing can divine a What and Why when necessary, but where specific terms and knowledge are blocks to creation and growth, and thus promptly denied, a state of knowingness, faith, and trust will open all doors without a single plan being made, a single detail being known, only the following of the heart compass is necessary. The heart compass, is that not where the universe speaks to us? Greeting each moment possible in that space, all else may one day fade away into grace. So much of our doing and knowing is useless; we manage control and illusion with the frugality of an expert advisor, often seeing ourselves as wise ones in a world of fools. There is no expert in this universe, we are all blissful fools who have forgotten our true nature, as the more we learn the more there is to know. The less we manage freedom, blissfulness, cosmic trust and faith, the more liberated such a freedom and its blessings become. Break down your mental and emotional walls, greet all visitors with honor, listen to their stories; even the painful and frightening ones. If we can do this within ourselves, there is nothing in the realm of true-will-in-world that cannot be done. The temple of the heart and its compass is indestructible, but it should never be impenetrable. That very transparency is the source of its connectedness and natural state of empowerment. @relevant.readings www.relevantreadings.com

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