• Yale Bowman

Living Barefooted

"In many ways, my experience with adulthood has been very similar to learning traditional Tarot; we spend years learning a system of doing, perfecting our approach within it, then we realize our limitations within such a system.  Eventually, we return to the ways of childhood; we forget everything we thought we knew, we look at the world and its systems with fresh eyes, we ditch the guidebooks and we go deeper; more authentically, uninhibited, and spontaniously than we ever would have before.  In doing this, we almost effortlessly hit the mark we spent the whole time, sometimes our whole lives intellectualizing, but were too conditioned to allow our hearts and intuitive centers to very naturally embrace and allow.      Suddenly, there is no progress to be made, no life-ledger to record for ourselves, nothing to do, just to surrender and experience. The Universe becomes our guide, the Heart breathes as our inner compass.      As a child we have to learn these systems; we live in a systematic world and we cannot be totally alien to it. But once we understand them more deeply, the only true way seems to emerge through uncharted territory, through spontaneous and heart-based innovation (or divination) beyond the written and societal standards.      Ancient ways are for very ancient people.  Modern ways are for (conditionally) old people, and for that reason they are still outdated.  But newness and youthful living are for the young, and youth in not based in age, its based in a zest for life and a conscious but unapologetic approach to living. Gratefully, I have found, that in each and every moment we are reborn." For the full article, visit www.fafcollective.com #Indy #fafcollective #zine #blog #barefoot #livingbarefoot #spotanaity #holisticliving #relevantreadings #local #Indy #indianapolis #tarot #universe #heart #soul #adulting #innercompass #spirituality #guidebook #traveler #youth #young #old #society #conditioning #intuition 


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