• Yale Bowman

Monday Meditation: Opening to Abundant Blessings

Breathe in your New Dawn, because you know its coming. Breathe deeply; as it is coming. Like the Moon approaching full, your dream is blossoming. Your life is opening. Feel the gravity of this on the tides of your life, as they reach higher toward the stars. Breathe deeply into your organs, your blood, your tissues, your bones, and Conceive this. With your life-giving breath, foster a space in the womb of the Universe, in your Cosmic Body, for your fulfillment, your abundance, your healing, your rebirth, and your wholeness. Breathe out all that separates you from these needs, wants, and goals in thought, feeling, emotion, and circumstance. Breathe out all tension in your mind and body. Breathe out all doubt in your own capability and willingness to experience these blessings. Now, rest in this blissful moment. As you return to your day, and to natural breathing, open your arms wide to welcome these gifts that have already been granted to you. Filled with love, with gratitude, ready to recieve. 

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