• Yale Bowman

New Moon in Virgo

💀On the New Moon in Virgo, the Ten of Swords and The Knight of Cups come to aid and abet. We lay the past to rest and allow our manifestations, the culmination of all this hard self and outer work to rush toward us, patiently. If you need to place the final nails in some coffins, you have nothing to fear. But most of all, lay your fears to rest. Lay your uncertainty to rest. Let's lay our criticisms and judgments of ourselves to rest. New energies emerge in place of the the dead, from the mouth of chaos. Chaos... there has been much of it. I don't watch much television, I've never seen GOT, so I can't confirm this quote or its origin, but I caught it in my feed one day. "Chaos isn't a pit, it is a ladder.". I can argue with pop-culture, the media industry, American mainstream society, but I cannot argue with this quote, no matter where it may have gained its recognition or origins. Your chaos is your ladder. It levels the field, destroys the rotten foundations and illusions to breathe new life, help us to create a new, more awakened and optimized reality. It is a portal of swirling energy. The Knight of Cups rides in to sweep us away. Not in the usual sense of fancy and fantasy, but in the sense of new beginnings and profound awareness. Awareness is hard, it means accepting responsibility for change, and following through. But when I look around I see no misfortune. We may resent the circumstances at times, but there is no misfortune, just a lack of idealism. Your chaos, your darkness, your negative experiences are your ladder, drawing you to deep awareness and empowerment. Chaos is a usable force, it is an act of love from the universe, who knows we need destruction and death to breed life and full living. Accept the charming and chaotic hand of death. Death; the all-knowing maiden of life and rebirth. She is one and the same. Accept each thing that must die, lay it to rest, and allow for your rebirth. This will take work, and it has taken much effort, but let us and our lives be reborn through climbing this ladder of chaos to the light of rebirth beyond. You are so ready, and so willing, you have worked so hard. All that's left is to realize: nothing is misfortune, all is fortunate in life and living, and in death. Every circumstance holds opportunity. The more difficult the circumstance, the more tragic the death, the greater the opportunity it holds for growth and subsequent rebirth. Breed acceptance. Let it crumble, let it blow away, then let yourself shine as brightly as you knew you would. 🌑 For readings and shamanic energy healing in person, by phone, or through video chat you can get connected with me at www.relevantreadings.com #psychic #medium #shaman #healer #tarot #tarotcards #oracle #psychicmedium #pastlife #divination #GOT #gameofthrones #pagan #tarotreader #intuition #spirit #newmoon #pagan #magick #cartomancy #Virgo #shamanism #it #spirituality #witch #witchcraft #occult #moon 


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