• Yale Bowman

New Year's Resolutions - 2018

1. Set your fears aside.  Set your vibration and thoughts on clear goals, needs, and desires.  Have unwaivering faith, be receptive to the universe, and don't waste that intentful energy on the wrong quantum creations and manifestations. 2. Stop trying to *make* other people happy, you can only contribute to others happiness.  Instead, join them in their own efforts, and help each other when the chips are down.  You don't have to always be a life jacket for others, its okay to get out of the water and let other people learn to swim in their own emotions and experiences.  True compassion is knowing when to dive in, and when to step back and let someone have a breakthrough through self-discovery. Self discovery is always more powerful, it inspires us from somewhere deeper, and that can't be easily replicated or replaced. 3. Ditch the need/desire to be liked 100% of the time.  You're a unique human being, people won't always get you, and as a great meme once said "you don't just sell ice cream"...and maybe some of you do, but eventually you have to go home or see non-dairy people. 4. Self love and self-care should be a priority.  Mad love. Mad self-care.  Then spread that wherever you can, but build up enough to keep youurself and your energy FLOWING. 5. Be relentless and ambitious toward your goals without being self-critical and overworking. Align with your goals, meet them halfway, ask and receive from the universe.  Treat them like any good partnership, you want your goals to work for and toward you. 6(A). Make friends with your emotions.  And your mind!   Don't beat yourself up over them. Emotions are dear friends calling you to awareness, and if you listen clearly enough to find the root of that emotion, they are actually just giving sound advice from the soul, directing us to clear courses of action.  Be brave, dig deep, follow the guidance of your heart (and soul). 6(B).  Your mind is also a good friend, and like with any good friend it becomes time to say, "please shut up, I'm tired of listening to you talk endlessly".  Also, "Good vibes only" doesnt mean always feeling good; if you don't feel good, cant feel good, then do what it takes to feel good. If you don't know what that is, meditate on it, open yourself to change, and wait for revelation/inspired action.   7.  You should be feeling it. Whatever "it" is.  REALLY feeling it. The world is too crazy, life is too short; if youre not feeling it, you're wasting your time.  If "it"s really right you can't lose it, you cant throw it away, even if you try.  Live fully, be bold. 8.  Life isn't meant to always be so hard. Let things go, move forward, open up to newness. Nurture a deep, blissful sense of faith and trust that the universe has a plan.  The universe DOES *in fact* have a plan, and its largely based on your plan for yourself. The difference is, the universe sees in nonlinear and infinite time, while we tend to just see right now, or 5 feet ahead.   Lets not stick our heads in the ground, even when the road to our dreams and goals has some bumps. Walk faithfully, trust the process. Even difficult navigation and obstacles have a place in the journey toward our destination, so trust and have faith in the universe even when you wanna say "fuck this". 9.  Decide what you want your life to look like. Really decide. Don't hold back, nothing is out of reach, but stop driving blind. Make a list, set your intentions, refine them as you go along, but stop settling and start aligning with fulfillment. Happy New Year! @relevant.readings 

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