• Yale Bowman

On Empathy, Communication, Chaos as Medicine, and Transformation

Communicating our true thoughts and feelings in each moment may cause conflict, it may cause uproar; but chaos can only live two places: within us or outside of us. We must ask our selves when we consider choosing silence over direct and honest communication (or action) in difficult times, "Should I swallow my chaos, or should I put this beast, Chaos, on a leash?"

Externally, Chaos can be a powerful creative force if we find our center amidst the storm. But we must become the tempest, embrace the uncontrollable winds of change. Much like a large and wild dog, sometimes our chaos walks us more than we walk it, but when we are facing obstacles or opposition it is better to have a beast on a leash than a beast in our belly. What then, will live inside of us if we choose to embrace the chaotic and spontaneous nature of our authenticity? Peace; we hold space for peace, make choices that honor out need for peacefulness. We shouldn't seek external chaos, or live by the sword, but chaos should not be swallowed, it is not a meal for the soul. There is a compassionate balance in life when communicating, and as my favorite saying goes "compassion is a two way street". Silence and permissiveness is a questionable bandage, and inner chaos is the subsequent infection when needs of the soul go unmet. Honor yourself in each moment without condemning or foresaking others, and a balance will emerge. Trust that chaos unfolds for a reason where silence and non-action has failed to resolve. Chaos and change without self love and faithfulness is fearful, but backed by faith and trust in the Universe it is transformative to honor the needs of the heart and soul. It doesn't have to look perfect, it does not have to be win-win, we must go with decisions that foster long-term peace and fulfillment. 

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