• Yale Bowman

On Meditation

A purely meditative mind, free of stress, is a balance of care free and careless; it holds detachment without delusion, willingness without urgency, inspiration without seeking. It balances compassion (other's needs) with sustainability (the needs of the self). The meditative mind drops everything, embraces infinity, and directs itself through clear focus. Just 10 minutes a day can help develop this focus. We often think "I don't have time to meditate", but I have found that starting with five minutes a day is enough. If you start with five, soon you will have ten. In a month you may have an entire hour each day if you continue to foster a space for it. Because meditation restructures the mind, body, and energy field, it restructures our perception of reality and the structures of reality, as we restructure ourselves. The perceiver changes, and so must the perceivable world. In this way, we can make time for meditation, but by investing whatever amount of time we have, no matter how small, meditation also makes time for us! Need some help with meditation and mindfulness? Lets get connected! www.relevantreadings.com #meditation #mindfulness #innerpeace #peacefulness #ego #compassion #letthatshitgo #meditate #mindful #spirituality #consciousness #yoga #rafikistyle #rafiki #innerguru #waheguru #om #conscious #holistic #organicliving  


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