• Yale Bowman

On Problems and Conflict

Internal and external conflict are transformative, we must remember this. The human condition is so adverse to conflict, yet consciousness uses personal challenges to nurture evolution, self-realization, and to create new forms of balance. We should be praising our conflicts (and our problems) as one side of the dualistic whole which grants each transformative resolution; if not in the moment, at least in hindsight. Nothing on this earth has evolved in a physical or spiritual way without the need to solve and clarify an existing problem or matter. Through these processes, we seek internal and external resolution. Often, the solution to some physical dilemma brings spiritual and emotional growth. Often, the solving of some spiritual and emotional dilemma leads to breakthroughs and success in the physical domain. Without this influence of conflict, the challenges of life, we would remain dormant, miss our calling, and may never grow into our true potential. This gift of conflict is valuable calibration for our Soul's Compass, granted by ingelligent universe. Through the Eyes of Infinity the Universe guides us, like a mother guiding its child. It allows us to experience life in full, it guides us into maturity without measure of time. Our lifelong struggles present lessons that do not fill even the blink of the cosmic eye. We may miss the significance of our struggles in a given moment, but looking back we will see that everything is connected. There are a chain of positive events entangled within every chain of negative events, yet this chain is never broken. All occurs in our favor, every link bears deep significance. Through the eyes of the child we cannot appreciate what our Parent Universe offers us, but when we look back into our youth; whether it be seconds, hours, days, or years ago; we can glean from our struggles the opportunities we have been granted. Imagine if we stopped identifying with the struggle, and identified with our potential, even when we could not conceive it. For every favorable glance we granted to our struggles, that chaotic stream of events we call life would fall deeper into what we perceive as harmony. @relevant.readings 

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