• Yale Bowman

Palmistry: A Science Rich with Intuition

The study of the human hand is both an objective science, and a mystic science. The "window to the soul", as I call it, is rich in details of past, present and future. It relays to the analyst our styles and patterns of living, thinking, feeling, and communicating. It discloses detailed health factors, relationship structures, and mental processes. The lines and glyphs of the hand convey our talents, skills, career aspects, and guide toward developing our unique personal purpose.

It is one thing to have your palm read, it is another thing entirely to have your hand analyzed in a space where analytical science, pattern, and intuition dance in unison. 7 major fingerprint glyph patterns, 4 major lines, and numerous minor lines and glyphs create the hands of our entire world, yet they converge in a singularly beautiful, transformative way in yours. A detailed hand analysis stands in its own category on the path to self discovery, personal healing, spiritual growth, and fulfillment. ·

For sessions in person, or by distance (Yes, this distance session is both a possible and astoundingly accurate process, thanks to modern technology) I encourage you to reach out!

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