• Yale Bowman

Palmistry Readings

Palm Reading is one of my favorite methods for guiding people on their healing journeys and to a deeper understanding of themselves. The techniques I use combine aspects of science and intuition to create a very personal and illuminating experience for the individual. - My focus with any palm reading is personal alchemy through empowering information. - My techniques involve studying the brainwave patterns visible in the main lines, the finger and palm prints, and the finger/philange lengths and alignments. Simultaneously, I also read the person's energetic makeup, allowing my right brain to retrieve information stored deep in the subconscious and conscious history of the individual, and their aura. - Palm reading is one of my favorite ways to work with people, because even a short 5-10 minute reading of the palm can provide a plethora of information which can empower and guide an individual on their life path. I reveal personal strengths, areas that need emotional awareness and acknowledgment, and help people to release and work with their traumas more effectively. - Palm reading helps empower my to clients remove unconscious patterns and energetic blocks, create positive change, and identify untapped potential. Reading the palm is also a great way to identify a natural intuitive or medium, and help them work to identify and strengthen their abilities. - To receive a palm reading from me, join me at @the_playful_soul each week during walk in times, or schedule with me there through my website www.relevantreadings.com - This week my hours are: Monday - 1pm-5pm Tues - 12pm-2pm Fri - 4:30pm-7pm Sat - 12:30pm-5pm - I so look forward to working with you! 

 - Yale - 

Not local to Indy? Outside of the US! Send me some high resolution images of both palms with your payment, and we can work something out by phone, message, or video chat. Head to my website to find all the necessary contact info! www.relevantreadings.com


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