• Yale Bowman

Poem - Opium

From my recent contribution to FAF Collective :

We are not the product of our circumstances; past, present or future. I am not the cloud, not the storm, not even the sunshine; I am the silver lining, the reassuring rainbow. It’s our celestial and spiritual blood. Let the light hit me directly, through this realization, and reveal my colors: I do not live on the earth, I am of the earth. I am the sky, the milky way, the universe, a product of the infinite cosmos. I belong to the macrocosms of existence, a personified atom within the celestial body. Swirling through space and time, limited only through realization. We exist within an expansive womb, where I am plentiful. I am vast, I am abundant, I am seamless and infinitely capable. I can burn hotter and brighter than the sun. When I live radiantly, I nourish my life to grow and bloom. Each stumble is encompassed by the journey, as is each fruitful step. All is fruitful in summation, if allowed to be and acknowledged as such. Only within the step do we perceive ourselves to be stumbling, but from above the dance of life is truly a blissful and drunken one. It is all-encompassing. It was only when I acknowledged the dance, that I began to hear the music. The dance is exponentially sweeter with the nectar of this music, and I am drunk with it. I subscribe to bliss, we are each other’s patrons. There is no true loss, no true misstep, no necessary regret. Nature has no regrets. It is self-correcting. We are nature, not just a product of it. All products of nature are encompassed by nature itself. And nature evolves, so let’s be natural in our growth. Let’s be trusting in our evolution, and its precipitating influences. We are the flower, the river, the eagle, and the bear. We are the earth, the sun, the planets, and the stars. We are the fruit of this womb, the salts of our earth. We belong to the ecosystem of an infinite and cosmic universe, and we are cultivated as such. But we go on, never knowing; The consciousness which teaches the flower to bloom, and us to evolve (through self-realization), is one and the same. We tend to ask ourselves, “why can I not bloom as well”? We go on cursing the heat, the rain, the pestilence, the trampling hooves; But the flower curses nothing, resists nothing, not even death. It dies fearlessly, lives in harmony, even its death is harmonious. The flower knows only to bloom. It knows nothing of time. It knows nothing of impatience. It seeks out nourishment, regardless, without resentment and without sentiment. It regenerates itself through such natural inclinations. I am nature, I am natural. Where one poppy dies, hundreds more will be reborn, with this same consciousness intact. If not, then so be it. Nature is irreverently wise. Nature witnesses and continuously reshapes itself through the perspective of infinity. It does not die. Any one part dying must inevitably birth or nourish another. Stars once died so the earth could be formed. Like the poppy, I too am opium. If my circumstances are to truly kill me, then let them kill me, I also embrace infinity. But if not, I won’t live my life a dying man. I will still trust in nature, and its irreverent wisdom. I can live as radiantly, as naturally as I allow myself, and I will continue to bloom. I will continue to seek out water and sunshine in any form. I am versatile. My soil is forever rich in blissfulness. No, we are not the product of our circumstances. We are the product of our faithfulness, our connectedness, our receptivity, our beliefs. I am as vast and bountiful as the nature of our fertile, cosmic universe. I too, am rooted in infinity 

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