• Yale Bowman

Queen of Wands: The Cycles of Living

This Queen of Wands is soulful, fiery, gentle in her might (or also not!) yet strong in her determination. Represented by the Rasberry Leaf, we bow to her wisdom of the cycles on Earth; of Life, Death, and Rebirth. 🍃 Raspberry Leaf is a traditional herbal remedy for women, especially during pregnancy and menstruation. Make note of this emphasis on feminine cycles and birth, we are in the presence of the goddess, our lives reflect this presence always. This applies also to men; be conscious of your cycles in life and the ripple effect your actions create or allow as men in the world. As the Queen of Fire, she holds her power in that wand (receiving it in the left hand), living where life feeds her fires and using them to drive back the supressing or inhibiting people, situations, mindsets, and circumstances. 🍃 This may be speculating, but as an experimental corporate brand of potato chip (Yuck!), her flavor would undoubtedly be "Adventure" (Okay, Yum! Is that Organic, Non GMO Adventure?). 🍃 Rasberry Leaf is high in minerals and nutrients, so we must deeply nurture ourselves in mindset, self care, environment, and in the company we keep. No strong Queen can reign with riff-raff in tow, no unecessary baggage either. 🍃 Rasberry leaf regulates and eases the feminine cyle, so we must acknowledge and study the patterns in life and decision making, look starkly at how we are obligatory in our own downfall and blockages, and bravely step into new cycles of existence. Raspberry Leaf nurtures the pregnant Mother, and so in turn we must nurture our own personal and situational rebirth by rewriting the terms of our existence; changing mindsets, raising our standards, setting boundaries, allowing ourselves to dissolve fears that accompany success and personal/financial independence are a MUST. 🔥 Thank your Earth Mother, rest in this Cosmic Womb, reclaim your Star Child Ancestry by playing the part, not by just playing along! Life is for enjoyment, and the sensual, experiential, passionate, creative self-love/no guilt, consciously unyielding Goddess of Fire won't have it any other way. That's all. (My personal favorite card by the way!) 


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