• Yale Bowman


Hard work is not easy at first, objectivity is not easy at first, shadow work is not easy...receptivity is probably the hardest of all. Receptivity is not about what others or the universe allow for us, its about what we are comfortable allowing for ourselves. Receptivity permeates all aspects of doing and thinking, it is a vital aspect of restructuring our personal realities and gearing them toward success. It is the lowest standard we are willing to allow for ourselves and in our lives, for must of us this is just not high enough. When you are not acquiring, not succeeding, not seeing results, check in with yourself. The undeserving and subliminal nature of the subconscious and the developing self esteem is responsible for a greater portion of our problems than we would like to admit. Arguably, almost all problems in our adult lives are self imposed, or enabled through continually faulty dynamics. The YOUniverse is a mirror, everything in it is mirroring us; there is truly no us, only our output thoughts in the form of vibration, which we are perceiving through our own filter...That same filter which creates the output vibration in the first place. If we don't like the flat and sharp notes which are echoing back at us, it is us who must adjust our tune, not the world or the people around us. @relevant.readings www.relevantreadings.com [Reposting this image from @nikkiesthoughts (Instagram) ] #youniverse #surprise #instagood #goodvibes #goodmorning #goodvibesonly #universe #separation #unity #harmony #doubtmenow #shaman #vibrations #urbanshaman #innerpeace #manifest #manifestation #lawofattraction #loa #secretsoftheuniverse #thesecret #relevantreadings 


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