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Spontanious Life

Live, breath, act, communicate, and love honestly, in the ways that nourish your soul. We are meant to live fully, be fully alive, and often that means being uncomfortable as we explore our own authentic spontaneity and newness...leaving old identities behind. We are meant to be living so fully that the moments feel exillerating. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, but we can ignore the discomfort of growth that stems from leaving our comfort zones, if we remember that we are better fueled by the livewire of living out true nature as our authentic selves. Going where the soul guides us, we follow the inner voice and compass of the heart. Befriend emotions, they are dear friends. Listen to their guidance, as all emotions call us to a form of action. Not in the heat of the emotion however, true guidance from the emotional body stems from the deepest ROOT(S) of an emotion. When we cannot commit to certain situations, people, and envrionments we must ask ourselves where the fires truly burn; are we catching fire with passion for our life, or are we fueling dynamics and situations which no longer serve us? Are we still burning for things which we have lost and cannot have, or are we burning for the opportunities presented by today? Are we burning with discontent, or are we burning with potential? True passion and excitement is the voice of the authentic soul, it is inarguable and inexstinguishable, and where we direct these fires of passion and excitement determines how we shape the future. If we exstuingish them, we grow cold without their warmth, and life grows cold with us. Live fully, tend to your fires, listen to the pops and crackles of your spirit. - @relevant.readings www.relevantreadings.com Check out my latest article, "Tantric Cures for the Signs", through  this link . Walk-in readings will be held today from 12:30-4:30pm @the_playful_soul in Broad Ripple. #present #moment #fire #burn #soul #path #meditation #mindful #mindfulness #listen #knowyourself #messageoftheday #message #Zen #Tantra #dailyquote #trantric #quote #lifequotes #bonfire #spiritual #emotion #spirit #peace #peacefulness #consciousness #universe #meditate #voice #spirituality  

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