• Yale Bowman

Tantric Cures for the Signs

"Tantra conveys to us that our Buddha-Nature is latent, and abundant, like sand on the Beach. You can arguably, “be Buddha now”. But, like sand on the beach, this latent nature (and the moments in which we capture it) tend to slip through our fingers. In Tantra, we allow ourselves to go beyond the mind and its comprehension. We can also enter higher dimensions by transcending and understanding the mind and body, by transforming human nature through understanding it deeply. We can enrich our lives, and the lives of others, by enriching our connection with the divine and interconnected universe through blissfulness. In other words, Tantra teaches us to continually grasp and foster a space for the ungraspable, luminous nature of clear-conscious-being that is reborn in each moment..... 

Each of these “Tantric Cures”, to create a term, is meant so shine a light on ways to enrich and empower each sign through new ways of thinking, living, and experiencing. Each “cure” is not restricted to one sign and their “ailments” alone. That being said, I have written and paired these “cures” respectively, with a focus on knowing oneself, and transcending what I consider to be the often broken and backward aspects of a modern, materialistic, western culture in which we live. In the spirit of Tantra, and in the spirit of fun, I want to share them with you. Also, in the spirit of Tantra, I’ll advise you not to read them with just your mind; instead, read them slowly with the wholeness of your being." 

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