• Yale Bowman

The Ego

The Ego is our most basic basic form of intelligence. The Ego tends to be incredulous and reactive. When an Ego response occurs, we find ourselves riddled with thoughts of "How could this be?" "How unfair!" "Why (me)?!" When the Ego is convinced of something, the circumstance is almost always personal, judgemental; it holds only one of many perspectives in mind. Never the bigger picture. We "know it all" when the Ego takes the reigns. Our higher intelligence rarely asks questions. It supersedes the Ego response, and bypasses the "knowing". It moves into deep understanding. This is the spirit-mind of higher dimensions at play. It sees, with a fly's eye, from above. Its perspectives are endless, they surround from all angles, illuminating situations beyond the reach of the more basic human mind. The basic human response is to react, to question. The higher response, the transcendent response, is to understand deeply. We remove ourselves from the equation. We may still have to act in defense of our wellbeing, or with regard to sustainability, but we remove the need for incredulous emotion and take things less personally. Rarely are things entirely personal, that is the limited perspective of the Ego speaking. Real solutions can emerge better through balanced, multifaceted, higher instincts. This is not easy. It takes practice and dedicated self-awareness. But it is still innate. Rarely will we find prolonged and seamless perfection as we do this, but we WILL discover how to shape and transform our relationships and lives. It takes a pause to access our higher mind, catching the waves of emotion as they rise. We do not surf them, instead we watch from the beach as the many waves crash, watching the skyline as it sets the tone, watching the shore and how it is effected by the waves, noticing the moon and how it pulls the tides. We are an ocean of consciousness, but so often caught up in the waves! The scenery reveals what the surfer cannot see, as the surfer is focused on two things: sink or swim. 

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