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  • Yale Bowman

The Power of Self Care

One of the most important things I do as I help others to heal, is to care for myself. Each day I wake up early before my children are awake, and I take about an hour to just be. I meditate, practice Qi Gong, make tea, and I write. This makes all of the difference for me in my day, my world, and it is the only way for me to find my own sense of balance amidst my own energy and the energy of many others. In this time I ask myself what I need for me, for my day, for my body. I rest my mind which dreams heavily all night, and works to bring in information for others and from other worlds all day. I cannot do this without time for meditation and reflection, for self healing and renewal. Each morning when the kids go to school for the day, my youngest son plays while I clean. As I clean, I wash the house, the dishes, the clothes, the tables with loving energy. This loving energy cleanses my body, my mind, and my home. Small and simple practices changed my life, they brought me and bring me much healing. I am very grateful for them, as I slowly traded a whole medicine cabinet, and a cane, for personal healing practices and self care in the last few years. Energetic imbalance manifests with in our body, mind, and enenvironment, but we have the ability to heal if we listen to our body and ask it what it needs. I found healing within myself others could not provide for me, that no doctor could provide. These suggestions came from deep within, and they brought me from chronic illness to a place of health and peace. I have also found self care to be the secret to the universe. Nothing I do, nothing I write, nothing I bring through is possible without it. Take time for yourself. Take ten minutes. Be within yourself, be with yourself. What do you hear? The universe, your higher consciousness, the gods and goddesses, they live and speak through you. I try to avoid the word "I". I prefer not to speak about myself, what I do is for you, people and the world are my passion. Today I make an exception to share my own experience. Enjoy your day, enjoy this moment, just be! 😊

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