• Yale Bowman

The Star and the Ferret

What's stopping you? As far as I know, human beings are the only animals who, to such an extent, evolve and grow while simultaniously questioning themselves through the proccess. Nature doesn't beg any questions. Nature presents a problem or course of action, and asks us to provide a solution, to overcome. For us humans, usually the mind works before the body even gets started, but this often means never acting, never going for it, or tripping ourselves up through the proccess. You have obstacles, but their signifigance and impact has a quantum relation to your mindset. How tall is the mountain, where is the peak? You decide. My mother had a ferret as a child; it couldn't be caged. He escaped thousands of times. He liked to roam their house, eat food, and hide in the dishwasher for naps. He did as he pleased, there was no stopping him. One day, they needed him to stay put, so they wire-wrapped the cage to keep it shut. The ferret, never to be caged was found a few hours later; he had hung himself while escaping. He had still never been caged, life could not cage him. I can relate to this ferret, I choose death over the cage. And if you aren't afraid of death, if you fear no failure or shame, the cage you thought you lived in might just melt into the background. Be this ferret, don't be afraid to hang yourself. You might just soar into the sunset, but at the very least you will be immortalized to those who know you as a quirky and fun-living individual who seeks naps in the dishwasher. I never met him, but I know him well. His memory was cast in platinum-gold, a forever favorite. Find your inner ferret: www.relevantreadings.com #cardoftheday #thestar #twoofwands #major #minor #arcana #tarot #tarotcard #dailydraw #messageoftheday #occult #divination #psychic #medium #psychicreading #relevantreadings #star #stars #youareastar #tarotreadersofinstagram #metaphysics #destiny 


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