• Yale Bowman

The Tower Card: Fearless Transformation

Today's card; The Tower usually presents feelings of destruction, and unpredictable chaos or (negative) events.  It can also, in some cases, represent bureaucracy, government, and other systematic influences; also the energetic and physical state of the home or work place. In The Herbal Tarot, The Tower corresponds with Garlic, which as we know is a powerful antibiotic and natural curative. My relationship with The Tower has aimed to focus on it as a means of total repair and necessity; to take away the fear, and implement a deeper level of understanding. Sometimes the best way to repair something is through demolition and major renovation, but often we attempt to bandage, or superficially fix a major problem. It (The Tower energy) does not make a circumstance truly bad by nature, but it usually makes it truly unenjoyable and unbearable. This being said, we must focus on the necessity of repair, honor the opportunity to find harmony, and the process (through chaos and dismemberment, then rebuilding) in which we must obtain it. Negative events, rigid systems, and imbalance are the Universe's way of driving us to create true forms of balance, especially by seeking change or reform. Often, without them, we will not seek this balance on our own due to preoccupation, lack of foresight and present-mindedness, or resistance to the concept of change and transformation. We cling to control and ideals, which The Tower very firmly reminds us, are simple yet complex illusions. When we receive and or experience the Tower, we may not like the reality of what we encounter, but we can surely locate and then appreciate its necessity as we honor the processes of transformation;  especially with a bit of objective thinking, and meditation on life itself. When chaos is our only cure, broken pieces will form a ladder toward a life that is more truly aligned. When chaos emerges we must relax into it, clear ourselves within its fierce winds, take inspired action, and heal through its potent medicine. #newmoon #thetower #tower #tarot #herbaltarot #herbalism #garlic #organicsoul #transformation #chaos #divination #bone #chiastolite #alchemy #change #life #spirituality #earthmagic #tarotcards 

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