• Yale Bowman

To the Seeker Within:

To the Seeker within me: I want to remind you that you are always home. One day you awoke from your bed, with sleep in your eyes, and that glimpse that inspired your journey came from your own balcony. Within this state of amnesia, you forgot that you were already home. You mistakenly set off to search for this house in which you woke yourself, from within the dream, and you will always end your journey beside its warm hearth-fires. Nothing you obtain or learn can bring you closer to here, to where you are standing, yet you cannot deny yourself the experiencing. You are always home no matter where you travel, no matter what you will enjoy, or endure. You will learn much through this journey, yet you will continually forget your story, and you will continue to rewrite new ones. Every face is your face, yet you have no face. Every name is your name, yet you have no name. Every act of living, every experience of pain and pleasure is an act of remembrance. In my house you have dug such a deep well where you may drink in this remembrance. Each sip is the medicine for all that you perceive. In sadness it will uplift and comfort you, and in ecstasy each sip will grant you a timeless eternity of its very own. If you are without support, rest on my foundation. Remember my warm hearth and your cozy bed, where you still remain. A journey of countless steps cannot separate you from me. If you lack someone to share in your journey with, remember to listen to the whispers of my walls. They are your whispers. I AM your home. Everything and everyone you have ever known exists within me. We each leave the threshold with our own separate bodies and minds, but we never truly leave. Though all is provided, and we have nowhere left to go, we have the gift of experiencing, the gift of this journey which we will continue to give to ourselves. Through each experience we drink. Through each feeling we expand. Through each moment of awareness, we are turned back toward home, to find the same arms outstretched. To the Seeker within me: I do not wait for you to return; I patiently wait each day, each hour, each minute of the day for this amnesia to fade, and for you to forget that you left me. Each time you percieve yourself to leave, please remember to call home. 💚 

Image source: @psychedelicvelocity  


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