• Yale Bowman

Transfiguration in Libra

Innocence, playfulness, the organic and divine soul; Today calls this into our focus and awareness. The material world seems to work against this divine nature at times, especially in tandem with the pressures of daily life and the projections of the self and others. The world seems to pull us lately into firm and unforgiving realtities, but we are reminded in these cards that there is no good and bad. There is only necessity of the moment. There are only positive and negative experiences. Positive experiences are ideal circumstances, they consist of flowing and accessible energy, and the subsequent experiences which stem from these energies. Negative experiences are for learning, growing our awareness, and redirecting or refining our approach to life. The saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade; this is the essence of the negative experience. What are YOUR life's lemons? They are raw or crude materials that need a creative approach to continue the transmutational process. To create sweet from sour, through innovation. What dynamics, tendencies, and approaches to life and its problems need your creative approach to flourish? If you are blocked, frustrated, or feel lacking in some energetic or material way, life's negative experiences are the spoon which delivers the remedy. First we see then spoon, sometimes with disgust, then we taste the remedy and begin to feel it work, but in this case only as we work within this empowered awareness to create harmony. The innocence card reversed reminds us, "There is no good or bad, you are not stuggling because you are bad or have done wrong. You are stuggling because you are meant to grow higher, to flourish, and you have been either trying too hard, or misdirecting your efforts." Good or bad are mind constructs. The positive allows us to fully utilize and enjoy the heights of our existence, to flow, and the negative provides the balance, the learning experience, the contrast which fosters gratitude and appreciation, gives us our sense of direction, and identifies the next step. To reach new heights, we must deepen our roots; our understanding, our effectiveness, our awareness and innovative nature, our self-healing and level of sustainability. The illusion we must transcend here is our own, that we belong somewhere other than here, that here is not a by-product of our continual creation, a culmination of life's choices based on the way we have experienced and experience its flow. Now we continue to create, with a deeper awareness of life's causes and effects. If we cannot, the struggle continues. Plug back in to this divine space today. Everything is where it should be. You are not being called to escape, you are being called to adapt, evolve, and transcend, through creating a solution. Do things differently. The preparations you are making, they are for a goal that is not yet fully fathomable to you now, but this restructuring will serve you endlessly during this next year and the years to come. Lean into the waves, let life's undertow take you, and redirect you as appropriate. Then, you can surf the waves again, but for now we better our understanding of life's tides, of life's ocean, as a cohesive unit that works only with nature, never against nature or ones-self. Only in appearance, and only when we continue to create the resistance to flowing with life's currents. Locate what in your life calls to you, and beging to shape it into a productive form. There is the relief; be blind to nothing, transform everything. A balance between doing, and not doing, no wasted efforts. www.relevantreadings.com #Zen #zentarot #oshozentarot #cardsoftheday #dailyreadings #dailydivination #Tuesday #psychic #medium #channel #tarot #tarotcards #relevantreadings #meditation #spirituality #illusion #consciousness #source #theuniverse 


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