• Yale Bowman

Trusting Your Gut: The High Priestess Card

Repost @relevant.readings from two years ago today, this card from Grand Etteillia is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE depiction of The High Priestess. 🎭 "Daily reading for November 24th, 2015: The High Priestess This card advises us too look within. The image of the woman in the Rider-Waite depiction (upper left) shows her sitting in front of a veil, and this veil represents the doorway between the physical and the spirit worlds. It also symbolizes illusion, secrets, and hidden things. What have you been hiding from yourself lately? More important, what truths and information might you be refusing to acknowledge? The High Priestes advises us to trust ourselves, our intuition, and our gut instinct. Often times, the answers (and warnings) we need to hear are right there within, but we must be open to hearing this inner guidance. If we are not, we will silence our powers of intuition. Let the voice from within which is soundless speak loudly in your ear, and if you do this you can expect your intuitive gifts to grow (and continue rewarding/helping you). The more we trust ourselves, the more frequent and helpful this intuitive guidance will be.

Be Open and Trust Yourself Always, 

- Yale at Relevant Readings -" 

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