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Vedic Palmistry: Fate and Breathe

From breathe to circumstance, this is an illustration of the chain reaction of change caused by yogic, or conscious pranic breathing. When we enhance the focus on and quality of breathe, in time our life and circumstances will improve along with the deeper aspects of our psyche and character patterns. The quality of breathe can change the quality of our thoughts, then emotions. Soon the quality if our unconscious breathing will also change. It will empower our actions and limit or reactions, in time our world changes with us. The best way to change the outside world in this philosophy, is to shift our inner worlds and personal patterns . In Vedic palmistry, fate is a suggestion of the future. It tells us much about our current path. By identifying our fate, we can point our awareness to the current patterns of thinking and behavior which cement it. By changing these patterns, we shape our fate in better accordance with our true desire and will. To slow down, notice, and make these changes, breathe is key; to firmly implement many of the insights from a palm reading that require conscious change, but also independently from the palmistry practice. Image is from the Vedic guide to palmistry, "Destiny in the Palm of your Hand" by Dr. Ganshyam Singh Birla To book with me for a hand reading locally in person, or by phone (high def pictures can be sent or faxed) contact me or hesd to my website www.relevantreadings.com #palmistry #Vedas #Vedic #intuition #astrology #astropalmistry #chirology #palmreading #handanalysis #scientificpalmistry #yoga #prana #pranayama #yogicbreathing #Tantra #kundalini #relevantreadings #holistic #holistichealth #fate #meditation #mindfulness 

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