• Yale Bowman

Water-Glass Alchemy


"As we emerge from the darkest day of the year in our part of the world, the Winter Solstice, the length of our days rebuilds as the reign of the Sun returns. Due to the astrological, emotional, and environmental influences which occur during this time of year, many of us tend to keep a careful energetic balance (or lack thereof). This personal ritual is a simple, but effective way to transmute the exciting and chaotic emotions/energy of the holiday season (or new year) into a more manageable form. This practice can also be used any other time of the year, and as often as you’d like. The instructions below can be used for personal alchemy involving a glass of water or cup of tea, both work well, but avoid using unfiltered tap water. Step 1: Ground and center yourself in a quiet space. Step 2: Take your glass of water (or cup of tea) and hold it in both hands. Step 3: Focus on and deeply acknowledge all unpleasant or imbalanced energy and feelings within your body, mind, and personal aura. (For example: sadness, general yuck feelings, over-excitement. anxiety, depression, anger, hopelessness, etc.) Step 4: Feel and/or visualize these feelings and energies infusing into the liquid of your water or tea. Take as long as you need. Step 5: Once you feel that these energies and feelings have been adequately released and infused into the liquid, take a moment to center and ground yourself again, and drink the whole solution. If you are drinking tea and prefer to sip it slowly, make sure you have set aside an adequate amount of time to sit in a quiet place, uninterrupted, for the duration of this practice. Step 6: Thank yourself, the universe, any higher powers and spirit guides if you’d like, also thank the elements (in this case water is obvious, but also fire for heated beverages and for the act of alchemy itself; earth which represents the body and also the minerals and teas/herbal infusions within the beverage; air which represents personal manifestation, thought, infusion, and the mind in its state of balance.) Notes: – As you drink, make sure your mind is clear and meditative, and that you are grounded and centered. If needed you can imagine, throughout or before this exercise, a set of tree roots which connect your feet and root chakra to the earth and its core, further transmuting and purifying your energy. – It will help to focus on your gratitude for the process of personal alchemy, especially for the benefits it will produce for you and the positive things already in your life as you drink the solution. Gratitude reduces the body’s cortisol response to stress, and helps trigger more immediate and powerful manifestations. – Each sip you take will transmute negative, stagnant, and chaotic aspects of your energy into a more positive and manageable form. Try to feel it nourish you in the deepest parts of your being. Do not feel rushed to drink the liquid whether hot or cold, but do make sure to finish it all, and that you don’t start with more liquid than you can finish in one sitting. -Make sure to clean your cup or discard of your container immediately after this practice, with gratitude of course. – Make this practice personal and be creative; Choose your favorite mineral or spring water, choose tea and herbal infusions that speak to you. Choose the space, chair, and environment you sit in with intention. Go to a favorite spot outdoors, burn some incense. Don’t over-complicate things, but make it personal and meaningful. If you want more info about personal readings and healing sessions, want to view my weekly walk-in and booking schedules, or to connect with me for personal guidance on your own life or spiritual path, you can visit me at: www.relevantreadings.com

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