• Yale Bowman

What is Shamanic Energy Healing?

I am often asked: "What type of healing do you provide? What is Shamanic healing?" I call myself a shaman, a psychic, an intuitive channel, and a medium because I don't know any other way to convey myself. These words are descriptive, and help me identify, but they explain what I do in a very limited way. They provide a bridge for understanding the true experience, which takes place in a session. I choose the word shaman because it is personal. It doesn't bind me to any certain protocol or ritual. I do both distance and hands on energy healing, but the method is the same. I use the cosmic energy of the universe, match it to your body's true natural, highest vibration, and I then restore it. This is reminiscent of reiki, qi gong, and other energy healing styles, but it was not learned in the same way. I was never attuned by any earthbound individual. It was unlearned, through a deep knowingness which I must not allow myself to question. Through not questioning, belief, and simply doing, I am able to heal. So how does one perform this type of healing? I can only describe the mechanics. I start by grounding and centering myself. I then pull what I call "celestial energy" from "above", from the cosmic universe, into my body. At the same time, my grounded body pulls energy from deep within the earth. This energy pools in my heart chakra and solar plexus, spreading out through my aura, and also channels directly through my hands. This energy is restorative to all forms of life on earth whether they are human, other animals, crystal based or plant life, etc. I access and open my heart chakra before, and during the healing, to direct this pooled energy toward the individual receiving healing. If they are in front of me, I will lay my hands on them. If they are NOT in front of me, if they are located elsewhere, I fully separate my celestial body from my physical body and use this energetic body to lay hands on the individual. Often times I use more than just two hands. Sensations experienced include heat, cold heat, bliss, tingling and electricity in the body, inner peace, and calm. While releasing trauma and emotions, many people will re-live momories and experiences as these things come to the surface to heal from deep within. They can experience a range of emotions before settling in a peaceful state of mind, but after the release proccess the body is able to rest in a more natural and higher vibration. After the healing, I reground the client and clear their aura, as well as the immediate environment, of any released energies that need to be dispersed. The results are very positive: a clearer mind, a more balanced emotional state, improved self confidence and esteem, regeneration of the body's cells, tissues, and organ function. For chronic illness and reocurring thought-energy patterns this will take multiple treatments to maintain and create new patterns in the body, and its energetic field, but the results and impact felt are immediate whether the healing takes place in person or at a distance. I am often asked where I learned these techniques, and I can only say that I have collected them from the higher realms and from my ancestors, also from my past selves through my willingness to serve and heal others. It is with joy and gratitude that I share this type of healing, and this information. If you are interested in shamanic body, mind, soul healing with me, in the Indianapolis area, or through distance healing, contact information can be found through my website at www.relevantreadings.com I would also be glad to work with you in a private session to produce this type of healing for yourself and others. 

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