• Yale Bowman

What Path?

"I have developed a deep faith, in regard to a great trust in the universe; faith in the great mother’s ability to care for me, and for all of us, in every way possible. As with even the best nurturers, some things don’t happen right away, but I trust that all happens within a plan that nourishes me, even if I can’t see the entire process in completion as she can. Especially if I don’t stand in the way of her nurturing hands, or question her too much, as her perspective from completion is rooted in infinity. Mother knows best. Due to this belief, all is growth, all is for a purpose in my reality. And, when I treat all as growth, something magical happens; it truly is. I began at some point to view necessity, even necessary evils, as fortunate growth experiences, even when they aren’t desirable experiences." 

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